Simeon Johnson, Trailblazer of Change

Simeon Johnson surmounted numerous obstacles. He was born in Jamaica and was the youngest of thirteen children. As a young child, he bore witness to the tragic demise of his mother, and as an adolescent, he went through many struggles and nearly ended his life. Who then would have said God blessed Simeon? Now, having made his triumphant return, he stands as a witness before the entire world, bearing testimony to the profound significance of the Cross. His remarkable metamorphosis is detailed in his book A Myopic Life Resonated from the Brink of the Abyss.

Mr. Johnson is a highly acclaimed author who has published several literary works that have captivated readers worldwide. He has an incredible ability to capture the essence of human experience in his writing. His miraculous transformation is detailed in A Myopic Life Resonated from the Brink of the Abyss. Another inspirational and thought-provoking book is ROMW VS. RAMB which reveals insights about God, Adam, and Creation. His latest work, Unforgettable Tribute to Healthcare Professionals, Dealing with Grief, and the Global Pandemic examines the recent outbreak if COVID-19.  The Publishers Weekly, Reader’s Digest, Miami Book Fair, Frankfurt Germany Book Fair, and an interview with Ric Bratton have all highlighted his works.

Besides being a published author, he is also an accomplished entrepreneur. Alongside his literary pursuits, he curates a book and gift boutique at Mr. Johnson brings a wealth of diverse experiences to his writing. With a background as a radio and television electronic technician, he has honed his technical expertise. His career path has taken him through various professions, including welding, shipbuilding, and housing inspection. These experiences have also shaped his perspective as an author. Mr. Johnson’s writing captivates readers with its authenticity and depth. In addition to his other accomplishments, Mr. Johnson has also acquired his FCC First Class General Radio and Telephone License, specializing in radar applications.

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