Getting Right With God

For centuries, people have been searching for answers to the question of how to get right and stay right with their God. While the possibilities of who or what a God may be are endless, the Judeo-Christian perspective narrows the focus. However, the answers provided have been incorrect for centuries, starting soon after Jesus’ death and continuing to this day.

In this book, the author believes that the answer lies in appropriate, God-like love, as described and practiced by Jesus. We should accept Jesus’ teachings and act accordingly. It’s crucial to understand that the love Jesus taught and exemplified is not limited to our family, friends, or those who share our beliefs. Instead, it extends to everyone, including our enemies. This kind of love is difficult to practice, but it’s necessary.

The author challenges us to extend this love to our fellow human beings, emphasizing the significance of treating others with the same care and compassion that we show ourselves. With its profound insights and timeless wisdom, this book offers a compelling perspective on the essence of spirituality and the path to righteousness.

In the centuries since Jesus’ death, many Christians have failed to adhere to the principle of expressing love in a manner befitting their faith. In this provocative piece, the author challenges the traditional notion of achieving spiritual harmony through adherence to religious dogma. With a keen focus on the divinity and sacrificial death of Jesus, the narrative digs into the implications of this belief system while questioning its compatibility with an ancient directive that emphasizes our inherent inability to alter our predetermined fate. Through a skillful exploration of these contrasting perspectives, the author invites readers to critically examine the foundations of their faith and consider alternative interpretations of divine intervention. 

Getting Right with God is one of those books you read once and know has the power to change your life permanently. The book deals with the deeper concept of love, leaving no stone unturned in exploring its intricacies. This book is truly for anyone interested in understanding not only what love is but also why it matters in today’s society.

Getting Right With God: Way, Joseph: 9781955944649: Books

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